Secrets For Success

Dr Paul Dhinakaran

Scientific knowledge is increasing day by day, enabling man to achieve new records in various fields. But at the same time different kinds of strange and new diseases and problems of life arise every day, causing restlessness, fear, worries and loneliness in the minds of people. These seem to be the general problems of everyone, irrespective of their being rich or poor, educated or illiterate, foolish or wise, pious or worldly, and male or female. Because of this, men lament in great distress. Since the knowledge of science offers no solution to these problems, people run after all sorts of short-cut methods to find a way out, and to forget these painful problems. Some people try to forget their worries by involving themselves in the fleeting pleasures of this world and enslaving themselves to the lust of the flesh. But alas! They can never get a permanent solution. Many others try to commit suicide and ruin their entire life. “Is there a permanent solution to my problems?” is the question constantly arising in the hearts of many young people today. This book has been written just to provide an answer to this vital question. It will prove to be a great blessing not only to youngsters but also to everyone who reads it since the author has dealt with holiness, sin, and the presence of Christ in family life, based entirely on his own personal experiences.