Tamil Christian Church of Canada

Markham, Ontario, Canada


3 Clayton Drive
Markham Ontario, Canada

The Tamil Christian Church of Canada was founded in 1971, incorporated in 1986 and is a Canadian registered Charity. It is governed administratively by our constitution.

The governing bodies of the Church are as follows:

Council of Ministries - Chaired by our Pastor, the Council is responsible for the spiritual matters of the church. Under the guidance of the Pastor, the Council consists of elected members to be responsible for various ministries of the church. In addition, under the guidance of the Pastor, Co-ordinators exist in specific focus areas such as Children’s Ministry, Youth Ministry and Outreach Ministry.

Board of Administration - Chaired by an elected member, the Board is responsible for the general administration and Trustee functions of the Church. The elected members of the Board are responsible for the management of the finances, administration and property.